Cyclists suffer 11-18 percent fewer heart attacks

Cycling to work is an important strategy for preventing cardiovascular risk factors that could lead to heart disease, find two separate studies published simultaneously in the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation and Journal of the … Read More

GE Healthcare

This 120MF pod delivered to a GE Healthcare Limited site in Buckinghamshire; utilises 5 car parking spaces and caters to over 50 Active Commuters. The following is a description of the procurement process from start … Read More

Cykla till jobbet – duscha på parkeringen

I Storbritannien vill man få fler att cykla till arbetet. Med hjälp av moduler gjorda av fraktcontainers, planerar det brittiska företaget Active Commuting att bygga cykelparkering med både toalett, dusch och omklädningsrum. Systemet bygger på … Read More