The hubs and clubs are built using our pods.

Think of them as Lego bricks. The idea is you can build the facility that suits your organisations specific needs. They are all manufactured to be stand alone; so you can pick and choose the function you want and the size needed. e.g. small changing pod, small stretch n dry pod and medium bike pod.

The standard range is available in three versatile sizes; small, medium and large.

The pods can be arranged on a single level or stacked in a variety of configurations to suit your site. If need be the pods can be stacked up to three storeys high.

All the pods can come with external CCTV and access control.

Buy or lease:
Asset finance companies will offer lease agreements on our products. If needed, we can introduce specialists in this field. For purchase, we ask for a deposit on placement of order with the balance due on delivery.

Contract Hire: 
All our pods can be hired. A deposit is required and the current minimum term is 2 years.

Our mission is to provide secure bike parking, locker, showers and changing rooms for the Active-Commuter.ACTIVE COMMUTING


The pods are designed so they can be moved. This provides you with ultimate flexibility; allowing you to take advantage of short-term leases, or even move premises taking the hub with you.


The pods can interface in various ways or stand alone. This is so they can be combined in a way that meets the individual requirements of your organisation. The minimum height restriction for installation is 12ft.


The hubs can be extended by connecting new pods to existing ones. Either by stacking or positioning additional pods adjacent to each other. The design layout and interface allows for the different pods to be configured in numerous ways. Putting you in control.